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We’re always seeking new information about how we can live healthy, well-balanced lives! That’s why we’ve curated an up-to-date list of women's health & wellness podcasts, perfect for your daily commute and travels. Each show is unique in that expert hosts cover a variety of interesting and engaging topics including mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and more. We’re convinced this list has something for everyone, so tune in and learn something new about your health!

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1. The V Word

Average Episode Length | 30–45 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Climate Change & Women's Health, Mammograms!
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM

“Lady bit talks by lady docs” is what’s happening on our new podcast obsession, The V Word. Hosted by two “badass gynecologists”—Jennifer Contri, MD, MS, MSc (Dr. Jenn) and Erica P. Cahill, MD (Dr. Erica)—this podcast is where we tune in for all things related to women’s health. From policy and news to less formal conversations about masturbation, sex, and birth control, no topic is left untouched. We also love that these hosts are fostering conversations and dedicating entire episodes to lesbian and transwomen health.

Reviews | “Everything I have learned in this show has made me love my vagina so much more! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge in such a respectful, but fun way. A must-listen for all women.” - iTunes Review

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2. Feel Good Podcast

Average Episode Length | 20–40 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Increase Your Energy Easily, Without A Focus On Food, Finding Your Soulmate and Making It Work In The Real World
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud

Spirituality, beauty, nutrition, and yoga are a few of the wellness topics covered on the highly-rated Feel Good Podcast. Hosted by New York Times best-selling author Kimberly Snyder, this podcast encourages women to express their natural, internal beauty. With enlightening interviews from today’s top health and wellness experts, each episode is educational and enlightening. We especially love the Q&A Thursdays—weekly episodes where Snyder answers listener questions. Past questions have included: Is it bad to eat frozen veggies? Are soy meat alternatives bad for you? And, how can I make my hair stronger?

Reviews | “Kimberly is on the cutting edge of health & wellness. I never listened to podcasts until she came out with her own.” - iTunes Review

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3. Balanced Black Girl

Average Episode Length | 30–60 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Making Healthy Eating Equitable With Dr. Akua Woolbright, CBD, Sisterhood, And Living With Purpose with Brown Girl Jane
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify

A podcast rooted in experience and expertise, this one is hosted by personal trainer and nutrition Lestraundra “Les” Alfred. Everyone deserves to be represented in the wellness world, and Balanced Black Girl is creating a safe space for women of color to have honest conversations about self-care, self-love, and overall wellbeing.

Reviews | “The content of this podcast is real, raw and unapologetic. Les and her guests bring truth to the forefront, as they take on topics within the wellness community, that some people may not even be aware of! As a balanced black girl myself, I find this podcast to be not only a breath of fresh air, but also totally relatable!” - iTunes Review

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4. Women Seeking Wellness

Average Episode Length | 20 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Energy Medicine to Uncover the Power Within, Microbiome! Adding Probiotics to Combat Purell Overload
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM

Women Seeking Wellness is a podcast for women seeking to improve wellness and health. Hosted by author, chiropractor, and health & wellness expert Dr. Stephanie Maj, each episode empowers listeners to learn more about their bodies and maintain personal wellness. 

The podcast also includes interviews and conversations with women’s health experts on interesting topics such as ear infections, cancer prevention, and yoga for PTSD. At an average of only 20 minutes, each short episode is enlightening and entertaining; it’s the perfect podcast for your daily commute.

Reviews | “Anyone that listens to this podcast will come away with A+ information that will help improve their health and life. Listen to as many episodes as you can.” - iTunes Review

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5. Pursuing Health

Average Episode Length | 60–90 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Healing Through Functional Movement with Dr. Amy West, Dr. Jeffrey Geller on Loneliness and the Power of Groups
Where To Tune IniTunes, Stitcher, ACast

Hosted by four-time CrossFit Games athlete and medical doctor Julie Foucher, Pursuing Health is for our athletic readers who are curious to learn more about the correlation between intense fitness training and personal well-being. With interviews from the top Crossfit competitors, as well as professional health experts, Foucher shows listeners how physical fitness can support optimal health.

Reviews | “…Julie does such a great job at bridging the gap between fitness and medicine. It’s exciting to be apart of this new definition of health where we are using fitness as a defense against disease/sickness, instead of last resort to fix ourselves.” - iTunes Review

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6. Grace & Grit Podcast

Average Episode Length | 30–60 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Unraveling the Code to Confidence, Wanting It More: A Conversation About Sex w/ Janna Denton-Howes
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher

Grace & Grit: it’s the philosophy that you need both grace and grit to live your healthiest, fullest life. 

Hosted by Courtney Townley, a health coach and former professional dancer, this podcast turns the health fairy tale upside down. How? By teaching women listeners to love and respect their bodies, referred to by Townley as "mending the fabric of the female health story."

Listeners can expect Townley to deliver informative and practical tips on a wide range of health-related topics. She is both funny and honest, and each episode feels like an inspiring conversation with your favorite mentor.  

Reviews | “Courtney is so relatable—it's like we're sitting across the table from each other, sharing girl talk over a cup of coffee…Her approach to getting healthy: that there's no quick fix, that working harder doesn't necessarily heed the best results, that our bodies need to be nurtured, moved, and healed in order to become healthy—is exactly what I've been looking for.” - iTunes Review

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7. Move Your DNA

Average Episode Length | 30–60 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Social Media Is Shaping Your Relationships, Gardening Movement
Where To Tune In iTunes, Stitcher, PlayerFM

You are how you move, and Move Your DNA is on a mission to get you up and active. Hosted by Katy Bowman, a biomechanist and best-selling author, this podcast teaches listeners about the importance of nutritious movement and how it impacts overall health. 

Are you aware that most of us spend the majority of our day sitting in a car, at a desk, or on the couch? Even the most athletic individuals spend the majority of the day in a sedentary state. Using research-based, practical tips, Bowman encourages everyone to “get moving,” so to speak. 

Other women’s health-related topics covered include how clothes affect the shape of our bodies, breast health & breast-feeding, and aging—you should definitely add this one to your subscription list.

Reviews | “I love how they incorporate learning and doing in the podcast. We learn why movement, stretching, and alignment are important, then we actually DO it! Short and sweet; the perfect podcast to listen to on your morning walk.” - iTunes Review

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8. Birthday Skin

Average Episode Length | 20–40 minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Why our pH levels are important!, Congestion 101
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Apple, my Tuner

A podcast solely about skincare? You got it. Broadcasting from Manchester, England, Birthday Skin is your next podcast addiction. Join hosts Amy Wall and Charlie Perry, proclaimed best mates, as they unveil truths, expose myths, and dive deep into conversations with experts about the body’s largest organ. Tune in weekly and follow the Instagram account for tips, tricks, and clean beauty product recommendations. 

Reviews | “I am obsessed with this podcast. Both helpful in the most confusing skincare time of the history of humans and hilarious. Worth the listen! But warning you will probably get hooked.” - iTunes Review

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9. TED Health

Average Episode Length | 10 Minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | What It Means to Be Intersex, Why Rumors About Vaccines Spread — And How To Rebuild Trust
Where To Tune In iTunes, PodBay

While it’s not primarily a female-focused podcast, we wanted to include TED Health on the list of because—well—it’s TED. With short, concise, and inspiring speakers from all over the world, this popular video and audio platform is a wonderful resource for learning more about your health. 

Listeners can expect fresh ideas and speakers from all backgrounds. Past episodes cover informative topics such as cancer and Alzheimer’s prevention, mental health, sleep, and the link between racism and physical well-being. 

Reviews | “I love Ted talks. They are simply wonderful, interesting, informative and ADDICTIVE! So beware! :)” - iTunes Review

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10. Saludable Latina

Average Episode Length | 30 Minutes
Noteworthy Episodes | Let's Talk Pleasure With Ianna Celeste, Rooted Holistic Bodywork With Teresa Ramirez
Where To Tune In iTunes, Soundcloud

A native Californian Latina, Lilia G. Ashe is certified in Women’s Healing Arts, holds a degree in Community Health, and has expanded her mission to include spirituality. As the host of Saludable Latina, Ashe gives room to fellow women—like holistic pleasure coaches, nutritionists, and therapists—to share their stories, symptoms, and testimonials in regards to health and wellness. Lilia emphasizes that the wellness journey is full of transitions, so you’ll be sure to feel both heard and supported in your own.

Reviews | “Lilia has done an amazing job at incorporating untapped subgenres of Women’s Health & Wellness that I genuinely believe is valuable for any WOC. I enjoy all that she’s doing because she does it with heart.” - Esoteric Esa, iTunes Review

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