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We can all use more self-care lately (need we explain why?). And while caring for our wellness can look like a number of things besides a face mask and bubble baths, sometimes that’s what we truly crave! So we’ve rounded up self-care gifts that are perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, mental health days, and every day in between. In the wise words of Parks and Recreation, it’s an apt opportunity to “treat yo’self.”

And if you’re in the giving mood, check out our gift guides for your loved ones and encourage them to engage in their own self-care.


1. Mimi Vibrator | Je Joue

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Whether you’re seeking self- or shared pleasure right now, Je Joue’s Mimi Vibrator can do it all. Made from velvety smooth silicone, the rechargeable and waterproof toy has an ergonomic shape, five speeds, and seven patterns. Place it directly on a sensitive spot, use the flat side for a more spacious sensation, or cradle it in your palm to let the feels travel from your fingertips. 

Use code SELFLOVE20 for 20% off.

Shop | $95

2. Chocolate Triangle Bra | Brook There

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Show yourself a little love with the Chocolate Triangle Bra from Brook There. Made with organic cotton and accentuated with rose gold hardware and a bit of sheen, it’s as sweet as it is soft. It’s perfectly minimalist, effortless, and made in the USA. Heck, you can pair it with some actual chocolate, too, if you’re in the mood.

Shop | $48


3. Glow Bar | Undefined Beauty

Good for both your taste buds and your body, the Glow Bar from Undefined Beauty blends fair trade raw cacao, full spectrum hemp CBD, and a handful of adaptogens to deliver flavor and function. Whether you opt for the bar that supports sleep, pleasure, or creativity, they’re packed with lavender, lion’s mane, maca root, and more. Plus, the bars are vegan and made in small batches in California.

Shop | $24

4. The Mixed Pack | Dry Farm Wines

Who says you can’t indulge with good intention? Dry Farm keeps your health in mind by producing natural wines that are free of sugar and additives, and have less alcohol (under 12.5% alc/vol) and sulfites (under 75ppm) than their counterparts. The wines are also organically or biodynamically grown on small family farms. And if you’re not yet ready to subscribe to the wine club, gift yourself a one-time order of three bottles (or six or 12!) of a red, white, rosé, sparkling, or mixed assortment.

Shop | $94 for three-pack


5. Illuminating Moisturizer | Tata Harper

Literal diamond powder is used in the Illuminating Moisturizer from Tata Harper. As if that weren’t enough, this formula also boasts hyaluronic acid, a pink tint for a subtle glow, and over 40 high-performance botanical ingredients, like aloe leaf juice, willow bark extract, and Spanish lavender. One-hundred percent of the ingredients are of natural origin, all coming together to offer hydration and radiance.

Shop | $85 for 30mL

6. Warrior Stone | Dehiya

For as much as our faces do—they talk! they laugh! they cry!—it’s a wonder we forget to massage them as often as our hands and feet. This limited edition gua sha stone from Dehiya relieves tension, relaxes muscles, moves toxins, and plumps and tightens skin. Just add a bit of pressure—and a nourishing skincare product beforehand if you really want to give your face the full spa treatment.

Shop | $68


7. Optimism On Deck | Things Are Looking Up

Developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Deepika Chopra—who specializes in mind-body connection, visual imagery, and what she’s coined “evidence-based manifestation”—the Optimism on Deck is a holistic and science-based set of 53 cards created to increase happiness. Each card includes a mindful prompt or suggestion to inspire joy, and is also beautifully designed with abstract art.

Shop | $40

8. Recycled Cashmere Hoodie | NAADAM

Super-soft and super-sustainable? Yes, please. NAADAM’s Recycled Cashmere Hoodie is crafted from leftover yarn, fabric scraps, and the company’s signature Mongolian cashmere, so that nothing goes to waste during its production process. It’s lightweight, breathable, wrinkle-free—and Global Recycled Standard certified. (Or, pick up a silky soft matching set!)

Shop | $195


9. FRAGRANCE 02 | DedCool

This made-in-LA brand is pretty cool, when you consider that it’s vegan, nontoxic, and infused with organic extracts. Everything is done locally from Dedcool’s facility including distilling, refrigerating, and shipping, for a minimal carbon footprint. These scents are exceptionally unique, including this unisex formula with notes of juniper, green florals, and patchouli.

Shop | $90 for 1.7 oz.

10. Lavender Tree | Bloomscape

Spruce up your space with one of Bloomscape’s home-ready plants, like this lavender tree! It requires minimal care, naturally cleans the air of toxins, and has that quintessential spa scent. The brand avoids single-use plastic by using Ecopots made from recycled plastic and prioritizing plastic-free packaging. Hello, sustainability! And if you’re still pruning your green thumb, that’s okay—if the plant dies within 30 days, Bloomscape will replace it for free.

Shop | $65


11. MasterClass

Is there a better way to care for oneself than to finally learn something you’ve always longed to? Or to lean more deeply into something you already love? MasterClass allows you to explore under the tutelage of experts. Learn personal style from Tan France, fantasy writing from N. K. Jemisin, or self-expression from Ru Paul. Each practice and process includes on-demand video lessons and a downloadable workbook with optional assignments. Buy a single class or get unlimited access for the price of two classes.

Shop | $192 (annually); $90 (single class)

12. My Wellness Journal | Papier

It’s never too late to start journaling (and here’s how to start!). This Wellness Journal is perfect for chronicling your daily intentions, sleep habits, meal planning, water intake, mood, gratitude, goals, wishlists, and/or everyday thoughts and feelings. Plus, Papier uses plastic-free packaging and sustainably sources its paper from FSC Certified forests. With 12 weeks worth of pages, you can get one for every season.

Shop | $32.99+

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