Women’s Podcasts We Love

Whether in-flight or lounging at the beach, we enjoy podcasts for our daily dose of inspiration, insight, and humor. We specifically love podcasts hosted by women and for women on the topics most relevant to our daily lives. Below you will find a lineup of nine incredible shows hosted by fierce, inspiring female leaders. Each podcast differs in approach and covers a variety of topics, offering something for everyone. So turn up the sound and hit subscribe—these women have something to say!

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1. Call Your Girlfriend

Listen For | Newsworthy discussions with a feminist perspective between BFFs
Noteworthy Episodes | Media Reckoning, Whimsy and Elegance with Maurice Harris
Where To Tune InWebsite, iTunes, Stitcher, Acast

This is a podcast for all of the long-distance BFFs out there. The co-hosts, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, call each other every week to discuss buzzworthy topics in pop culture and politics. Their sharp wit, fiery opinions, playful humor, and heartwarming rapport instantly pull you into their conversation—and prove you can stay close even when you don’t live close. Call Your Girlfriend aims to highlight every kind of woman, with an intersectional feminist outlook. They interview women who are movers and shakers but also give the spotlight to non-famous women with stories worth sharing. Smart and entertaining, it’s perfect for your morning commute or any time, really.

Reviews | “I love CYG. They have their format and style and tone down *pat*. They're consistent in their schedule, episode length, and style and I appreciate that as a listener.” - Analisa, iTunes Review

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2. On Being

Listen For | Curious conversations about the big questions of meaning and life
Noteworthy Episodes | Jane Goodall On What It Means to Be Human, John Lewis: Love in Action
Where To Tune IniTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, SoundCloud

Hosted by Krista Tippett, an American journalist, author, and recipient of the 2014 National Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama, On Being explores the big questions of meaning and life—inner life, outer life, and life together. With well-respected artists, authors, teachers, scientists, and theologians, On Being explores the intersection of spirituality, social healing, science, the arts, community, and poetry. Tippett is warm and curious in her approach, often practicing Poet Rainer Maria Rilke’s teachings of “loving the questions themselves.” Catch new episodes of her podcast every Thursday.

Reviews | “On Being is my calm, thoughtful, and informative refuge during a frustrating commute. I enjoy the variety of interviews and the non-sensational journalism.” - Julie, Stitcher Review

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3. hey, girl.

Listen For | Candid storytelling from phenomenal women
Noteworthy Episodes | Rachel Craven on Art as Joy, Nana on Blackness
Where To Tune IniTunes, TuneIn, Podbean

Author Alex Elle created hey, girl. to embrace sisterhood and tell stories. Since its launch, she’s invited the women who inspire her to have intimate conversations, the through line often being self-care. Illustrators, Ayurvedic chefs, Olympic fencers, and even Elle’s own grandmother discuss everything from sexual health to civil rights, collective grief to ancestral guidance. 

Reviews | “Just discovered Alex, her work and this podcast last week. I’ve tuned into a handful of episodes already and am enjoying her authenticity, centered-ness and passion for wellness and self growth.” - MeghanMann, Apple Podcasts Review

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4. The Broad Experience

Listen For | Thoughtful discussion and inspiration about women in the workplace
Noteworthy Episodes | Caring in a Crisis, Ageism, or Prejudice Against Our Future Selves
Where To Tune In | iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Acast

British-American journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte explores race, culture, glass ceilings, and women in the workplace in her award-winning podcast, The Broad Experience. Through thoughtful discussion, influential guests, and personal stories, Milne-Tyte explores why many women, though ambitious, don’t quite reach their full potential in their careers—and how the topic of motherhood influences that. Named after the decades-old slang term for ‘woman’ in US English (as a way to reclaim the term), The Broad Experience is a fun, intelligent, and inspiring podcast for both men and women in the workplace. 

Reviews | “Unsentimental and honest, it somehow leaves listeners, male or female, bolstered and positive.” - Miranda Sawyer, The Guardian

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5. The Michelle Obama Podcast

Listen For | Informative & educational insight on community
Noteworthy Episodes | President Barack Obama, What Your Mother Never Told You About Health
Where To Tune InSpotify

On her self-titled podcast, the former FLOTUS shines a light on connection. In conversations with her family, friends, and colleagues, Obama and her guests dive into the relationships that define us—even if it’s the one with ourselves. Expect episodes with her husband Barack and brother Craig, as well as with award-winning journalist Michele Norris and OBGYN Dr. Sharon Malone. You’ll hear about menopause, the nation’s reckoning with race, and, of course, how she navigated her years in The White House.

Reviews | “The conversations…are fun and lively, in a way that can feel unexpected for somebody with that much celebrity. More crucially, they are effortlessly fluid in balancing the personal and the political, in the way that the very best orators and interlocutors are. Put simply, this is political communication at the highest level…” - Vulture

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6. Black Girl in Om

Listen For | Wellness-based conversations for women of color
Noteworthy Episodes | Ignite Intentionally: A Cannabis Conversation with DeJanae Evins, Explore, Examine, and Enrich: Reset Your Relationships with Nkechi Njaka
Where To Tune IniTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google

Originally launched in 2014 as a wellness website focused on women of color, Black Girl in Om has since expanded into a membership-based digital community and podcast of the same name. On the latter, founder and host Lauren Ash sits with guests from various industries to talk all things self-care and self-love. Academic Rachel Cargle, doula Erica Chidi-Cohen, artist Kenesha Sneed, and more discuss sexual liberation, the importance of a support system, how to create space for abundance, and everything in between. 

Reviews | “Thank you Lauren and crew for creating the space for brown girls to cultivate our self-care. Black Girl in Om podcast is my Rx prescription for learning and exploring tools to up-leveling my well-being.” - Shani Brinkley, Apple Podcasts Review

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7. Life, I Swear

Listen For | Honest and encouraging stories from women of color
Noteworthy Episodes | Biraciality: Betweenness and Feeling More Than Enough featuring Elaine Welteroth, Sexual Trauma: Shame, Healing and Resilience featuring Deun Ivory
Where To Tune IniTunes, Spotify, Google

Life, I Swear was conceived in 2012 after a 2 a.m. conversation among friends that reflected on the ebbs and flows of their respective lives. Since then, other women of color have appeared on the show, willing to share their honest stories—especially the ones of trial and triumph. These challenges, though tough, allowed them to heal, connect, and process. Listeners can hear Julee Wilson, Beauty Director at Cosmopolitan, discuss the power of affirmations, and artist Deun Ivory invite trauma survivors to feel safe and supported.

Reviews | “It’s a breath of fresh air to listen to women talk through challenges that can be uncomfortable but this podcast gives listeners the space to learn and be encouraged. I truly love it and I’ve been sharing with my friends. Thanks for creating this!” - SophNadia, Apple Podcasts Review

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8. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Listen For | Light-hearted, research-driven exploration about women-related topics and questions
Noteworthy Episodes | Queerbaiting 101, There Are No Girls on The Internet
Where To Tune In Website, iTunes, Stitcher

Brought to listeners by the How Stuff Works team, Stuff Mom Never Told You seeks to answer everyday curiosities and gets down to the business of being a woman. From at-home abortions to the spectrum of sexuality to female pleasure, this podcast doesn’t shy away from taboo topics—it embraces them. Hosted by duo Anney Reese and Samantha McVey, this research-driven podcast covers all things feminism, womanhood, and everything in between. For answers to questions you were never able to ask mom, this is your go-to listening experience. New episodes air every Wednesday and Friday.

Reviews | “A podcast dealing with gender issues could easily feel dry and didactic, but Stuff Mom Never Told You is neither of these things… Each episode is a friendly and factual examination of a topical gender issue and they welcome everyone to listen and participate in the discussion.” - Michelle Chowning, The Peachy Pixel

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9. Invisibilia

Listen For | Psychological and scientific theories on the invisible forces that shape human behavior
Noteworthy Episodes | A Very Offensive Rom-Com, The End of Empathy
Where To Tune In | iTunes, Stitcher, NPR

Latin for “the invisible things,” NPR’s podcast Invisibilia is a glimpse into a world you can't see. Join female hosts and award-winning journalists Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin, along with writer and science reporter Lulu Miller, as they explore the invisible forces that shape human behavior. The two have roots in This American Life and The Atlantic, so you know these will be discussions worth hearing. By weaving stories with psychology and science, Invisibilia invites listeners to explore new possibilities for how to think, behave, and live.

Reviews | “NPR’s Invisibilia strikes all the right notes in overcoming the challenges of both explaining science and finding a narrative thru-line to keep its audience engaged.” - The Columbia Journalism Review

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