10 Natural & Organic Shampoos That Will Have You Breaking Up With Toxic Chemicals

Natural & Organic Hair Care

For many of us, hair and skincare products are significant components of our daily routine. They’re like old friends, always there to take care of us. On most days, the process of cleansing and getting ready is a great way to re-center, celebrate beauty, and kickstart our mornings.

Holistic self-care involves treating our bodies, people, and the earth well—it’s essential to avoid harmful chemicals, as well as support cruelty-free, sustainability-promoting companies. That's why we adore these natural and organic shampoo and conditioner brands. They're helping us stay true to our values and feel beautiful while doing so.

Be sure to head here for our favorite plastic-free shampoo bars if you’re looking to reduce your waste. And if you're all about that organic beauty, check out our list of natural & organic makeup brands as well!

1. Prose

Natural & Organic | Organic, natural ingredients, free from parabens, mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, & GMOs
Eco-Friendly | Sustainably sourced ingredients
Ethical | Vegan options
Price | Starting at $25

Beloved by customers and stylists alike, Prose is dedicated to making fresh, customized hair care from natural ingredients right here in the USA. Start by taking the online quiz about your hair (and sharing your hair goals!), and Prose will formulate a custom hair care regimen. Your personalized shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks are then crafted and delivered to your door within 7-12 days for maximum freshness.

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2. NatureLab Tokyo

Natural & Organic | Free from parabens, phthalates, & sulfates
Eco-Friendly | Eco-friendly refill pouches
Ethical | Cruelty-free
Price Range | $14–$36

Healthy hair starts at the scalp according to NatureLab Tokyo's founder Rosa Takagi. She built her brand on the premise that eco-friendly hair care can be a perfect balance (or harmony rather) between traditional Japanese beauty rituals and future-forward clean technology. We love this brand for its natural and cruelty-free shampoo, packaged in sleek and round bottles. Even more, the eco-friendly refill pouches contain 85 percent less plastic than two full-size shampoo bottles. How’s that for sustainability?

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3. 100% Pure

Natural & Organic | Nontoxic, no chemical preservatives, no artificial colors or fragrances
Eco-Friendly | Organic ingredients
Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan
Price Range | $22–$34

You’ll never have to worry about toxic chemicals or artificial ingredients when using 100% Pure. This Silicon Valley-based brand maximizes the benefits of natural ingredients and is dedicated to promoting healthy products rich in protective antioxidants. We love the range of shampoos and conditioners in a variety of fresh scents, as well as the affordable price points. 100% Pure offers beauty and skincare products, too, making this one of our favorite one-stop-shop companies.

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4. Ursa Major

Natural & Organic | Nontoxic, free from parabens, sulfates, & gluten
Eco-Friendly | All natural
Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan
Price Range | $12–$26

Ursa Major believes in plant-based formulas that are simple, quick, and effective—because we’re all too busy for those multi-step routines. And the Go Easy Shampoo checks all of those boxes, leaving you with squeaky clean hair and a healthy scalp. Formulated using macadamia, bergamot, licorice, and coconut-derived surfactant, it smells truly delicious without the typical petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances. The best part? It’s made to work for the whole family, so it’s gender-neutral and loved by nearly everyone.

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5. Alaffia

Natural & Organic | Natural ingredients
Eco-Friendly | Sustainably sourced, non-GMO ingredients
Ethical | Cruelty-free, fair trade, dedicated to creating jobs & opportunities
Price Range | $13–$15

Alaffia, named after a typical greeting used in central Togo, Belin, and Nigeria for health and well-being, is a social enterprise that spans around the world. These hair care products are made across Western Africa using the best and safest natural ingredients. In turn, the brand fights against poverty and creates jobs and opportunities through women co-ops & collectives. The shampoos and conditioners are derived from ethically traded virgin coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, and natural plants.

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6. Sienna Naturals

Natural & Organic | Nontoxic, free from sulfates, silicone, & parabens
| Plant-based ingredients
| Cruelty-free, ethically & sustainably sourced
Price Range
| $18–$22

For textured hair in need of renewed hydration, consider Sienna Naturals, a natural hair- and scalp-centered brand. Its signature foaming cleanser removes dirt and build-up while restoring natural texture with moisture-rich ingredients like softening Baobab oil, lavender oil, and aloe vera to keep curls intact. Vegan and responsibly sourced, Sienna Naturals formulas are vegan, cruelty-free, and responsibly sourced, and the brand supports sustainable harvesting and ethical working conditions. That’s a win in our book.

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7. Rahua

Natural & Organic | Free from sulfates, parabens, & gluten
Eco-Friendly | Dedicated to the preservation of the Amazon rainforest
Ethical | Cruelty-free, sourced & processed with traditional methods, vegan shampoo
Price Range | $9–$34

Fabian Lliguin, a native Ecuadorian, developed Rahua products, which are uniquely sourced and processed by people in accordance with traditional Quechua methods and rituals. Not only is the brand making clean, natural, vegan, and organic products, but it's committed to sustaining the Amazon rainforest and its indigenous people. What makes Rahua shampoos even more special is the amazing molecular structure that “deeply penetrates the hair’s cortex—bonding and repairing it—while simultaneously smoothing the hair’s cuticle.” And we love that for every bottle purchased, one acre of rainforest is preserved.

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8. Yarok

Natural & Organic | Blend of organic & all natural shampoo
Eco-Friendly | Committed to transparency & minimizing its carbon footprint
Ethical | Cruelty-free, consciously sourced, responsibly harvested
Price Range | $14–$65

Yarok celebrates the power of wellness for both people and the earth. The brand, which was founded by Israeli hairstylist Mordechai Alvow, focuses on making "the greatest positive impact on hair and scalp health with the least negative impact on the natural environment.” Yarok only tests products on willing NYC salon clients, and the hair care company uses eco-friendly waterproof materials for bottle labels. If you’re looking for healthy, vegan, sustainable hair & scalp products, this may become your new favorite brand.

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9. True Botanicals

Natural & Organic | Nontoxic, free from sulfates & GMOs, MADE SAFE Certified
Eco-Friendly | All natural, eco-friendly packaging
Ethical | Cruelty-free, vegan
Price | $34

Beloved by thousands of consumers and household names like Laura Dern and Olivia Wilde, True Botanicals is a cruelty-free, vegan, and natural brand made for your skin and hair. The Nourishing Hydrating Shampoo uses green tea oil, aloe leaf extract, numerous antioxidants, and a coconut-derived surfactant, so you can enjoy a rich wash and lather without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Pair together with the conditioner, and you’ll be feeling rejuvenated in no time. 

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10. Real Purity

Natural & Organic | Nontoxic, free from sulfates & parabens
Eco-Friendly | All natural
Ethical | Cruelty-free, made in the USA
Price Range | $4–$15

Real Purity is one of the pioneers of all natural, nontoxic cosmetic, skincare, and body care products. The brand's commitment to clean beauty was born from a background in biochemistry and a desire to replace harmful ingredients with high-quality botanicals that are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. These shampoos are affordable and tailored to fit specific hair needs—whether you're searching for a product to repair, replenish, or simply wash your hair.

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