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Values-based shopping extends beyond the ceaseless fads of fast fashion and enables consumers to vote for a better world. These 10 eco-friendly fashion brands are using design to acknowledge the gap between fast fashion and respect for people and the planet.

Hundreds of readers have reached out to us looking for ethical fashion brands that ship directly to the UK. Each of these companies does exactly that, and most even ship worldwide. By committing to fair trade standards, they contribute to sustainable business that empowers. Supporting brands such as these will give you peace-of-mind about what you’re wearing and where it came from—plus, you'll look and feel fabulous. 

1. Thought

Based In | London
Ethics | Sustainable bamboo, cotton, wool & hemp fabrics, ethical production, gives back
Best For | Range of organic & sustainable clothing for all genders
Product Range | Women & men’s apparel, loungewear, socks, accessories
Price Range | ??

Thought is a sustainable clothing company with a simple philosophy: to design and create beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. The collections for women and men are made from natural fibers such as hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. As proud supporters of slow and thoughtful fashion, Thought works to ensure that every person who touches its clothing is treated respectfully with fair wages and working conditions. Worldwide shipping available!

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2. Boden

Based In | West London
Ethics | Responsibly sourced materials (i.e., sustainable cotton), ethically made, eco-friendly packaging, gives back
Best For | Colorful styles & patterns
Product Range | Adults & children’s apparel, swimwear, bags, & accessories
Price Range | ?–???

For three decades, Boden has been bolding mixing fun, style, and sustainability. Based in West London, the brand works with partners across Turkey, China, and India to ethically produce everything from children’s playwear to women’s workwear. Using sustainable cotton and responsibly sourced materials, the end result is a line of bold and beautiful apparel anyone will love. Especially for all of our short(er) friends, this will be your new go-to for petite wear that’s both fashion-forward and fair trade.

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3. Mayamiko

Based In | Southeast Africa & London
Ethics | Artisan-made, Ethical Trade Initiative Certified, fair & safe working conditions
Best For | Statement pieces & accessories
Product Range | Women’s apparel & loungewear, bags, jewelry, accessories
Price Range | ??

Using programs like business management and financial literacy, Mayamiko empowers artisans and tailors around the globe with the skills, training, and education required to support themselves. The company also locally sources its materials from fabric markets, uses a zero-waste policy for production, and operates out of a solar-powered workshop. Its business model provides jobs that lead to the creation of incredibly high-quality clothing and accessories you’ll love to wear.

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4. People Tree

Based In | London
Ethics | Integrated supply chain, fair trade practices, GOTS & Fair Trade materials, low-impact dyes, gives back
Best For | Women’s workwear
Product Range | Women’s apparel, nightwear, underwear, essentials, & accessories
Price Range | ?–???

People Tree provides an alternative to fast fashion by producing ethically and environmentally sustainable clothing and accessories. It partners with individual fair trade producers, garment workers, artisans, and farmers in recovering countries, always seeking to sustain interpersonal relationships and treat people and the planet with respect. The unique and stunning garments are dyed using safe and AZO-free dyes and will make you look and feel great.

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5. Komodo

Based In | Kathmandu, Bali, & India
Ethics | Responsibly sourced organic cotton, bamboo, & natural fibers, free of single-use plastic, GOTS-certified, fair wages, gives back
Best For | Men’s casual wear
Product Range | Adult apparel & shoes, bags, accessories
Price Range | ??–???

Komodo has been committed to eco-friendly fashion since 1988. Using natural and innovative fabrics made from tree cellulose, plastic bottles, and more, the company’s designs are inspired by the culture and colours of Asia, mixed eclectically with Western influence. Komodo also works closely with its fair wage factories and, as a member of 1% for the Planet, donates to the Sumatran Orangutan Society restoring natural rainforests and eco-systems.

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6. Nancy Dee

Based In | London
Ethics | Ethically made in Britain in small factories, upcycled & sustainable materials, locally sourced packaging & printing
Best For | Personal styling
Product Range | Women’s dresses, jumpsuits, tops, bottoms, personal styling
Price Range | ?–??

At Nancy Dee, you’ll find ethical and sustainable fashion suitable for any lifestyle. The versatility of Nancy Dee’s pieces will leave you with a wardrobe set for your work, home, and social life. The fabrics are made from mostly renewable natural sources, created in small factories, and developed with specialist skills held to the highest standard. The company also designs its patterns to intentionally minimize fabric waste, produces in limited quantities, and ensures exclusivity. Plus, it provides personal styling for those who are indecisive.

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7. Nomads

Based In | UK & India
Ethics | Fair trade, artisan methods, organic cotton & natural fibers, gives back
Best For | Everyday casual apparel
Product Range | Adult’s apparel & knitwear, bags, jewelry, accessories
Price Range | ?–??

Inspired by Indian culture, Nomads creates clothing that is soft, flattering, comfortable, and feminine. The brand, in partnership with fair wage factories across India, create original prints that showcase textile techniques (such as woodblock printing, textured handloom, and exquisite tie-dye) and use natural fibers like Viscose and Lyocell made from sustainable wood pulp. With fair trade values and ethical fashion guidelines, Nomads delivers contemporary clothing that celebrates traditional skills.

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8. Lora Gene

Based In | London
Ethics | Certified B Corp, deadstock silk & natural linen, ethically made in Bulgaria, higher-than-normal wages, eco-friendly production
Best For | Silk skirts & dresses
Product Range | Women’s apparel, outerwear, knitwear, loungewear, accessories
Price Range | ??–????

For the dreamiest and creamiest silk you can imagine, we love Lora Gene. This Certified B Corp is inspired by Bulgarian materials using locally sourced deadstock silk and organically grown rose oil. Lora Gene’s team visits their Bulgarian production facility regularly as well, offering fair wages and a safe working environment; otherwise, everything else is made in-house in the UK. Consider us obsessed with these feminine silhouettes and buttery soft fabrics.

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9. Bibico

Based In | Bath
Ethics | Fair trade standards, sewn in women’s co-ops in India, natural & organic materials
Best For | Jumpers & trousers
Product Range | Women’s apparel & accessories
Price Range | ??–???

Bibico finds its inspiration from northern Spain’s simple lifestyle, landscape, and emphasis on family. The designers at Bibico take a slow, “back to basics” approach to fashion and create fuss-free, high-quality garments that are timeless and versatile. Every piece is made from all-natural materials, designed carefully, and crafted ethically by women in India. We especially love the linen pieces, which make great closet staples in any season.

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10. Olive


Based In | Gloucestershire
Ethics | Living wages, manufactured within OECD advanced economies, GOTS certified organic & natural fibers
Best For | Contemporary designs
Product Range | Women & men’s apparel, jewelry, accessories
Price Range | ??–???

Olive makes its mark by mixing methodologies. Combining street style with sophistication, simplicity with spiritedness, it offers tops, bottoms, outerwear, loungewear, and more in charming silhouettes and subtle colors, patterns, and textures. Olive works with independent designers, has direct access to production floors, and communicates with factory workers in their first language. It also ships to every country in the world, so no matter where you live, you can wear the modern minimalist pieces.

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