Our Editors' Ethical Capsule Wardrobes

After a spring season filled with safer-at-home orders, and as we move into a summer of more of the same, 网站名称 team has noticed our wardrobes have changed—a lot. Flowy dresses and heels have been replaced by cotton tees and bare feet. Every linen piece we own is on heavy rotation, and accessories are minimal. And of course, we’re topping each look off with a mask from one of our favorite sustainable brands if we head out and about.

So here it is: the Summer 2020 edition of our editors’ dream mini capsule wardrobe. The rules were that no capsule could exceed $500 (and only non-sale prices could be counted) and that each collection had to complete at least one outfit. Plus, each piece had to be made using sustainable materials and ethical practices.

Read on to get a taste of our team’s personal style! Let us know in the comments below which capsule you’re dreaming about—or if you have a dream capsule piece of your own.

Social & Community Lead

If you’ve ever been to Los Angeles, you know that summer can be a doozy, with the mornings and evenings usually cooling down ever-so-slightly. Our summer season is a late bloomer; June is typically engulfed in gloom, with the clouds parting way for July’s bright summer sun from dusk until dawn. This means that clothing must be lightweight, breathable, natural, airy, and all other adjectives of the sort! I’m also opting for comfort, no surprise, as our need for “real” clothes still remains a distant memory.

I’m always drawn to pieces that will transition easily into other outfits, so this white button-down from Kotn feels like a no-brainer; it can go with bike shorts (my favorite style right now), regular shorts, or jeans, no problem. Plus, I love the oversized nature that will lend itself well to breathability—which is key on those unbearable 100°F+ days. Speaking of bike shorts, I have two pairs of these Girlfriend Collective high rise styles and I’m obsessed, so they’ll definitely be carrying me through summer. On days when it’s too hot to even bother with a button-down, this LACAUSA tank is the perfect update to a classic white ribbed tank.

If I’ve learned one thing during our safer-at-home order, it’s that I never want to put my feet in anything that isn’t a comfy sneaker. I’ve seen these Hoka’s popping up on all my favorite Instagram accounts lately, and I love the subtle pop of color that would also match these Le Bon Shoppe socks perfectly. I’m all for layering on lots of chunky jewelry (give me all the rings, please) but when summer finger swell strikes (anyone else?) and I have to swap my rings out, these silver 1.25” Apse hoops will satiate my chunky jewelry desires. Of course, I’ll have to tie my hair up with this Lisa Says Gah scrunchie to show them off. Now bring on summer, baby!

The Pieces:

1. Kotn Oversized Oxford | $68
2. Girlfriend Collective High Rise Bike Short | $48
3. Le Bon Shoppe Girlfriend Socks | $12
4. Hoka Clifton L | $150
5. Apse Ange Hoops | $88
6. LACAUSA Roxy Tank | $44
7. Lisa Says Gah Scrunchie | $18

Total | $428

Staff Writer

There are few experiences I love more than walking around a little town and feeling the sun’s warmth on my skin. And while this summer may look different than in past years, I’m determined to make the most of my time outdoors. That’s why my first pick is, of course, a mask! I love this chambray mask that goes with everything, gives back, and keeps me protected and safe.

Then, comfort and cool are the two keywords I think of when it comes to a summer wardrobe. So most of what I’ll be picking up is loose-fitting, flowy, and light, with materials like ethically sourced cotton, Tencel, and reclaimed rayon. A long dress that’s equal parts casual and flirty is perfect for lazy nights with my fiancé, and I love the boyfriend shirt and culottes as versatile pieces that I can mix and match with the rest of my closet.

Pair these together with some simple slip-on sandals and a hat (for sun protection!), and you’ve got my ideal capsule wardrobe for these upcoming months. Plus, even at full price, these six pieces fall well under the $500 mark, making each of them a steal.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be out there soaking up the sunshine…

The Pieces:

1. The Summer House Bohemian Dress | $97
2. Equal Uprise Avocado Straw Hat | $90
3. Vetta Capsule Boyfriend Shirt | $89
4. Matisse Footwear Havana Sandals | $35
5. Tonlé Srey Pov Culottes | $65
6. Hyer Goods Buy 1 Give 1 Mask | $20

Total | $396

Partnerships Manager

Because capsule wardrobes are all about versatility, I want to get the most bang for my buck. This means finding affordable pieces that can be rotated, restyled, and reworn over and over. I didn’t realize until after I made my picks that the color palette is very “earth and air,” so this already feels like a natural tribute to summer.

During the season, I like to spend my time outside as much as possible; so once temperatures start to rise, I opt for loose, lightweight silhouettes that won’t make me sweat—hence the slip dress from LACAUSA and cotton jumpsuit from Back Beat Co. And since you can’t go wrong with a plain white tee—hey there, Delilah!—this KOTN tank can be worn under the jumpsuit too or tucked into these gorgeously sunny mustard shorts from Wasi Clothing. 

When night begins to turn chilly though, I turn too—from sandals to an always-reliable low-top to keep my toes warm, and to this denim jacket from Most Prominent Co. that can be layered over just about anything. (Originally a fast fashion item from Forever 21, I love that it’s been given new life and that a percentage of its proceeds go to the Clean Clothes campaign.)

And since capsule wardrobes can sometimes feel as if you’re relying on a bunch of basics, I’m adding this oversized organza scrunchie to my hair in the moments that I feel I need a bit of flair, or even to my wrist to wear like a bold, billowy bracelet. 

The Pieces:

1. LACAUSA Alma Slip Dress | $80
2. Most Prominent Co. New Life Denim Jacket | $90
3. KOTN V-Neck Tank | $20
4. Wasi Clothing Brown Lady Print Shorts | $50
5. TOMS White Canvas Carmel Sneakers | $49.95
6. Back Beat Co. Organic Cotton Easy Jumpsuit | $98 
7. ABLE Oliveira Slide | $88
8. Room Shop Vintage Cloud Scrunchie | $20

Total | 495.95

Courtney Jay
Associate Editor

With this summer being different than normal, I am embracing comfortable essentials. Alongside this, I am noticing that shoes have become a secondary need. Growing up in Colorado, Birkenstocks were the sandal of choice, though they never felt quite feminine enough for my girly style. But, now that my clothing is more laid-back, I’m leaning into a simple slip-on instead of my usual heeled sandal. I love this vegan pair from Nae that are sustainably made from pineapple leaves!

No matter what, my style always returns to the ‘80s and ‘90s. These decades are getting some serious attention in my wardrobe right now—especially with the return of the bike short, scrunchies, and one-shoulder tops.

I love these organic cotton bike shorts from Indigo Luna. They’re plant-dyed and perfect for at-home yoga. I also love the idea of dressing them up with the one-shoulder Zazie Top from Selva Negra. Finish the look off by throwing my hair into a side pony with this green ribbed scrunchie from Lisa Says Gah, and just like that, I’m ready for a dance party in my living room. 

Another accessory I’ve had my eye on is a classic herringbone chain. Blame it on the show “Normal People” or on noticing how bare my neck looks on Zoom calls, but there is something about this timeless accessory that I love. And finally, my forever go-to is a classic jumpsuit because they’re super comfortable and so easy to throw on. This baby blue one from Outerknown is organic cotton and I love the delicate puff shoulder detail. 

To finish off any look I will, of course, be adding a mask. I love any and all of the sustainable options created by some of my favorite brands.

The Pieces:

1. Indigo Luna Hand Dyed Ananda Bike Shorts | $46
2. Outerknown Gia Jumpsuit | $168
3. Nae Darco Sandal | $86
4. Merewif Herringbone Chain | $89
5. Selva Negra Zazie Top | $92
6. Lisa Says Gah Ribbed Scrunchie | $18

Total | $499

Managing Editor

My wardrobe in 2020 is about comfort, versatility, and friendliness to the ol’ wallet without sacrificing longevity. In what feels like another lifetime, I would scour sale racks at H&M and Forever 21 each summer, looking for the cheapest pieces to add a pop of freshness to my wardrobe. No more. Nowadays, I’m pulling less-loved pieces from my “donate” pile and refashioning them until I, inevitably, fall back in love with them.

But if I were to build a summer-friendly capsule with $500, I’d stick with classics I can see myself falling in and out of love with for a lifetime. You know what I’m talking about—those pieces you never get rid of and always return to because they’re so comfortable. I’d start with a few layer-friendly pieces in a similar saturation, like this cute bra from Back Beat Co. that would contrast so playfully with the tank and dresses (and add a pop of color under the button-up, which I’d probably rarely button, let’s be honest).

I consider it a rite of passage into adulthood that I’ve begun to love linen as much as I do, so I can’t help but include a couple pairs of linen bottoms here—although, I’m gambling with the white shorts. I haven’t worn light shorts since some very unfortunate incidents as a teen ?, but there’s no time like the present, right?

The slip dress is an absolute must; I actually have this very dress in my wardrobe, and I wear it almost as soon as it’s out of the wash every time. It’s so comfortable, and looks great when I layer a button-down over it. I wore it under a sequin top to a bachelorette party and it functioned like a mini-skirt without a fuss. I’ve even slept in it. I’m a happy girl when I’m in this dress.

And finally, some over-the-top sandals that I can walk miles and miles in. I’ve had too many literal missteps in heeled or loose-fitting sandals to know that I need support and sturdy ankle straps.

The Pieces:

1. LACAUSA Roxy Tank | $44
2. Back Beat Co. Everyday Bra | $38
3. Boody Everyday Slip Dress | $32.95
4. Pact Market Maxi Dress | $60
5. Kotn Oversized Oxford | $68
6. Whimsy + Row Valentina Shorts | $88
7. Outerknown Pleated Pants | $118
8. Native Juliet Sandals | $50

Total | $498.95


Emily Torres is the Managing Editor at 网站名称. She’s a Los Angeles transplant who was born and raised in Indiana, where she studied Creative Writing and Business at Indiana University. You can usually find her reading or writing, caring for her rabbits, or practicing at the yoga studio.